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Manticore Arms

Manticore Arms Manticore Arms Charging Handle for Steyr AUG - Raptor

Product Code : 811359020003


Mfg Item #: MA-100

The Patent Pending Raptor Charging Handle was developed as a specific solution for those who do not like the standard charging handle on the Steyr AUG and MSAR series of rifles. The handle projects out horizontally which allows for a more natural, ergonomic grip, and is sized for two fingers to grip the handle comfortably. The Raptor has no sharp edges or ridges and is lightly textured. The horizontal design of the handle allows for clearance on low mounted or bulky optics such as the Eotech and will work with optics mounted on the lower "E4" factory and Promoted Pawn and 2020 series aftermarket rails- no more bashed or bloody knuckles! In addition, even with a large optic such as the Eotech mounted on a low rail such as the "E4" the handle has proper clearance to allow for it to be pulled fully rearward and folded then upward to lock the bolt back. A quick slap of the handle to rotate it out of the rear lock back position, and the bolt goes home. The Raptor is a drop in replacement for any Steyr AUG A2 or A3 charging handle, or the charging handle for all MSAR series of STG and E4 rifles, and the Raptor retains the 'safety fold' feature of the original MSAR and AUG A2/A3 charging handle assembly. Please note that the Steyr AUG A1 and TPD AXR series of rifles use a different charging assembly in the receiver, and this assembly is not compatible with the Raptor Charging Handle. This charging assembly can removed from the receiver and replaced with a modified MSAR or Steyr AUG A2/A3 charging assembly which will allow compatibility with the Raptor Charging Handle. It will be necessary to narrow the width of the MSAR or Steyr AUG A2/A3 charging handle assembly by approximately 0.030" with a file to accomodate the narrower charging handle slot on the Steyr AUG A1 and TPD AXR receivers. The Raptor Charging Handle is proudly made in the USA and includes the handle, a roll pin, and instructions for installation. View the installation instruction video on Youtube: View the operation and features video on Youtube:


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